Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Change of Pace

Things in my life have been moving at a different pace lately, most days I'm just trying to get to 5 o'clock when classes end so that I can go home and do nothing until I fall asleep. I've been able to find some time for fitness, and what feels like all the time in the world for homework, but blogging hasn't felt right for some reason. I've come to the realization that maybe I'm not best suited to be a fitness blogger if I ever was one, so things around here are going to change some, or a lot.

I'd like to officially announce that this blog will become a solely personal blog about my battles with mental illness, and finding the path to the best possible me I can be.

That doesn't mean I am stopping my journey with fitness, or that I'm done blogging about it. It just means that I am changing the focus to the battles that I have faced in the past, as well as the things which I am currently battling. There will also be a focus on the books that I am reading and I will be going over the lessons that I am learning from them as well as how I'm going to apply each lesson to my own life. I will also be chronicling my journey as I turn Bella into a psychiatric service dog for my own use.

I hope that I can use my journey to help others who are struggling with similar issues, or to use the lessons I'm learning in the books I'm reading to help people lead the best life possible. I understand that some of you may not want to follow me on this new venture and I understand that, but I do hope you come back and check in every once in a while for race reports! The format of the blog will slowly be changing as I continue to work on things such as the layout and as I venture to the change from Blogger to Wordpress, but I hope to make the transition as easy as possible for all of us.

So with that, I'd like to welcome myself back home.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

This Year I Will... Introduction

For my birthday, my mom sent me this really awesome book called This Year I Will... because it reminded her about the goals I set for myself before my 20th birthday. When I first saw it, read the cover I was intrigued, and as I'm beginning to read it I'm finding it to be very informative. The book isn't very long but the ideas are things that make you really think, and because I'm always struggling to keep up with the things that I start, I want to spend a lot of time contemplating the ideas from the book. So every Saturday starting next week I will be posting what I've learned from one of the ideas in the book, and writing about how I could apply this idea to my life.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I was wrong, and I love it.

Tonight we got back the first paper of the term, and I was quite excited to see how well I did. However to my shock, and a bit of dismay, I didn't do well at all as I got a C-. I spent the rest of our mid-class break quite upset that I hadn't done well, but pushed it aside when class resumed as I knew I wouldn't be a productive member of class if I was upset. When class was finished, a classmate dropped me off at home, but while we were in-transit, we talked about what went wrong on the paper for me. It was really helpful to get another classmate's perspective on the situation and helped me start to realize that it wasn't the end of the world that I hadn't done well. I also realized that by not doing well, I'm going to have to learn something. I'm still going to talk to the professor to get a better understanding on the comments he wrote, but for now I'm taking time to reflect upon what I could have done differently, and what I will be doing differently for the new paper we have due next Thursday.

I've noticed that my writing style hasn't changed much since high school, and since I'm going into my sophomore year of college it might be time to start working towards improving my skills. The reality is, if I hadn't gotten a bad grade on the paper, I probably wouldn't have even given a thought to how much time I spend working on papers, my writing, and my editing processes. I also know that I greatly over reacted about this whole thing, because as long as I do better on the next paper, I'll turn out fine at the end of the semester. We've already been assigned our next paper which involves research, I've already picked my topic (out of the four to choose from), and I've already got an idea of what I would like to say to argue my point, I just need to work on finding information that backs up my view on the topic. I'm going to start researching a bit before I go to bed, but I'm hoping to have a rough draft completed this weekend before our peer edit on Tuesday. 

I'm off to go research! So until next time, 

Run hard, be strong, and always think big!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Three Things Thursday - 21st Birthday Edition

1. I turned 21 today, which is strange because I don't feel any different, but legally I'm allowed to buy alcohol now. I'm not quite sure what to think about that.

2. I'm not bringing cake to school! - The past two years I've brought cake to school for my classmates to enjoy, but this year is a combination of being too lazy, having 30 people in my Tuesday/Thursday class, and people in that class having food allergies.

3. I may or may not be getting a pair of New Balance Minimus MT10 - After two months of wearing pretty much nothing but Toms, putting on my Nike's to go for a run felt really awkward and like I was being forced to do something I'm not supposed to do. So I'm going to try out the minimal running thing and see how it works out for me!

I'm off to go for a walk with the pooch and say hi to our neighborhood friends! Catch you all later, and as always.

Run hard, be strong, and think big!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Results from Spring Semester, 2012

I was lucky enough to get my grades fairly quickly after the term ended, and I was home visiting my family when I saw them the first time, which made it really exciting. Here goes nothing...

I'm pretty darn pleased with how well I did, especially considering I took five classes and feel like I nearly lost my mind trying to finish the semester out. Oh and you know, now I'm officially considered a Sophomore which feels really good. The semester was by no means easy and the final week of it included falling asleep while doing papers many times, which I hate, no matter what time in the semester it is. Since I didn't even feel like I had time to sleep, my New Rules of Lifting for Women plan, along with running fell by the wayside. I'm slowly starting everything back up and it feels good to get my sweat on again, well when I'm trying to at least. It's no secret that I live in Tucson and unfortunately for me the temperature is supposed to hit 104 tomorrow, yikes. I'm off to bed for now, and have an interesting post coming tomorrow morning after I hit the gym to lift!

Catch everybody on the flip-side and of course,

Run hard, be strong, and always think big!

I'm registered!

So I know I haven't been around at all lately, but that should be changing since I have a lot of spare time this summer!

I officially registered for the 2013 Tinker Bell Half Marathon this morning and I couldn't be more excited. I've slowly gotten back into running and lifting and hope to be in full swing at the end of the month.

Also, it's my birthday on Thursday, which means I can legally drink then. Uhm, what?!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Return to the blogosphere.

My schedule this semester caused a bit of a priority shift for me for the past month to just surviving the semester, and two hours I turned in my last final. I am already home relaxing and beginning preparations to make a trip home to Minnesota for two days and a three day trip to Key West for my uncle's wedding!

I leave in four days which means lots to do before I can head off. I'm planning to focus mostly on cleaning my room and reading some of the books on my shelf I'd like to read. I also know that I haven't been around much and I'm missing you all, but I've been reading some as I've had a few spare moments over the past month. So I'm hoping that I can keep school from eating me like that again.

I talked to one of my professors this morning and I found out that I got a 92% on the cumulative final! I was SO excited. I can't wait until grades come out because I feel like I did really well this semester.

I'm working on a few surprises around here, and I'm hoping to start a regular series or two just to change things up form the this is how my school day posts everyday. I've been hanging out over on Tumblr and letting my Disney nerd flag fly pretty darn high. I even dressed up as Merida from the new Pixar movie "Brave" last night for extra credit, and I enjoyed it entirely too much.

I'm really excited to go home because I'll get to see that guy, who is my dad. The last time I got to see my dad was when I went home for Christmas back in 2010. Which is a long time to go without seeing him! I'm so excited for it.

I'm off to go take a nap and watch movies, catch you all later!

Until next time,

Run hard, be strong and always think big!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Getting Back Into the Swing.

I've had my computer back for a while now and I'm still trying to get a hold of getting back into blogging.

I have a post that I am in the works of writing but I need to take some time to do it respectfully.

In the mean time, you can find me posting often over at but beware since you'll probably see a ton of Disney stuff.

Until next time,

Run hard, be strong and always think big!

Monday, March 19, 2012


I just got my computer back about 25 minutes ago, so it may be a little bit before I come back to regular posting since I have quite a bit of schoolwork backed up to work on before I can get back to my regularly scheduled programming.

Just wanted to let you all know that I am back in business!

Until next time,

Run hard, be strong and always think big!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Missing....but I'm not gone!

Alright, here's a little update on what's been going on over here.

On Friday, Princess Bella had her dew claws removed, teeth cleaned, a heartworm test, andddd two more shots. She is now free to roam about the country, haha yeah right. Anyways, after some adventures with the plastic cone that came from the vet, which included sealing her face to the floor with it, I got her a pillow cone, which she goes berserk in. Lucky dog gets to be cone free, which many of you dog owners would then mean that she's likely to chew on her bandages, and boy did she. I came up with, what I feel to be a pretty genius solution, which is wrapping the bandages in bandana's. I promise you both her feet match.

I got my first pair of Toms! I treated myself to a new pair of shoes over the weekend, and they are some really cute Toms. After three days of wearing them, I feel like I've had them forever and can't imagine going back to the brands that I've used before, can we say comfortable?? I also ordered a birthday dress from Delia's and I'm really excited to get it in the mail. I had another dress in mind but it had gone on sale and my size in any of the colors was sold out....except white. Yeah I'm sorry but I'm not going to wear a white dress for my June birthday. So I ended up finding another dress that I like even better, and ordered it in black. I'm really excited to get it and will post photos as soon as I can. I'm hoping to pair the dress with a red sweater to bring out the red in the shoes.

The part to fix my computer came into Tucson today, so I'm hoping that it makes it to my repair guy today so that I'm back up and running with everything sometime tomorrow which would be fantastic. I've actually kind of enjoyed my time without my laptop because I've been able to really relax but at the same time I miss being caught up on blogs and being able to post regularly.

It's officially under three months until I turn 21 and I'm starting to get really excited. I'm working on some epic birthday plans, and working diligently on planning for my big event which I hope you all will participate in! So here's to an exciting next few months!

PS. Adrian, it took me about 15 minutes to write this post. :)

Until next time,

Run hard, be strong, and always think big!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

...and cut!

So if any of you follow me on twitter you may have seen a series of posts about my computer doing funny things with the screen. Well now the screen doesn't work at all. AWESOME. Not really but I'm still doing my best to not freak out about not having a computer at all.

I have had my cute little MacBook since my junior year of high school and I am actually quite sad to see it go. It's also difficult to deal with no computer when all your notes from class are electronic. But at least my hard drive is fine so everything is safe.

Part of me is looking forward to a new computer because it will force me to go through everything which was on the old and decide what I really need to keep. I will be frustrated to have to set everything up again and possibly lose all my Chrome bookmarks but oh well. Also I'm currently blogging from my phone so sorry for lack of photos.

I hope to be back up and running soon but until then it will be short posts from me!

Until next time,

Run hard, be strong, and always think big!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day Confession Time.

I have an unfortunate confession to make.

I haven't done any of the New Rules of Lifting for Women workouts yet.

I've been having a lingering pain that hits me behind my right knee. I've had it since I ran Tink and it concerns me. I've been trying to be conservative with my movements, and am getting a foam roller tomorrow in hopes of making the pain go away. But I think that my running needs lots of work if it was caused by running the race. I'm hoping that it's something simple like just needing to change my form.

My gym has one of these beauties those so I'm hoping that I can use it to mock running until I get this pain figured out and banish it forever.

I'm hoping to get a chance to do the first workout tomorrow during my break between classes. This week has just been so much busier than I thought it would be with a philosophy midterm in the morning. But things should be calming down a bit because spring break is in two weeks! I will have a paper due in Philosophy pretty much right after break ends, but I'm hoping to start on it this weekend after I get clarification on some things in the morning.

But I have to say, this gap in training HAS to end. I miss training like crazy and not getting a chance to get my workouts in is frustrating. So I'm doing my best to get to a point where I am getting to bed at a reasonable time, and getting up at a reasonable time so that I can workout as my first task of the day!

Until next time,

Run hard, be strong, and always think big!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Where did Monday go?

I can't believe that Monday is nearly over! Today I felt like I was ready to take on anything which was exciting because I overslept a bit, which meant I moved my NROLFW workouts to Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday for this week. So without a workout I felt like I could take on the world. Now that's what I'd like to see on a daily basis!

Classes today were quite awesome and included arguments about what words mean, sharing driving experiences. I also got my second paper back from my composition class, which I was quite excited about. I only got points taken off for grammar which is something that I've always had some problems with so I'll just have to continue to work on it!

We also made a little map of France in History of Architecture and Interior Design, which to say the least was funny. Bonus points to you if you can label everything on this map!

I have to say that my breaks were equally as awesome though since I got to talk to the ever so lovely RunFlipFlop about my birthday plans, and a few other exciting things that I cannot reveal yet. But I can promise that big changes to the blog ARE going to finally come this month! I've been trying to work on things over the past two months, but there have been some issues which I hope will be resolved now. 

Over the past few weeks I've been trying to get really good at logging all my food through MyPlate from Livestrong, and now that I have a scale I'm adding in my morning weight daily. There are still some days that I forget to log, or don't log everything because something isn't in the database, but I'm doing really well with remembering and I'm proud of myself for that since I'm generally forgetful about things like that when I get busy. Like checking in on FourSquare on days when I run lots of errands, haha! Now I just have to remember to drink lots of water like I'm supposed to!

I'll hit you guys with a post tomorrow showing you the new gym since I didn't end up there this morning.

Until next time, 

Run hard, be strong, and always think big!

Events from the Weekend.

This weekend I got to take an exciting trip to the vet due to this freak.

On Saturday in the 30 minutes that I was gone this beast ate a whole loaf of banana walnut bread, including the tinfoil that it was wrapped in. A few calls into the vet, and about an hour later we were waiting in the office. They did a basic exam of her, and decided that the best course of action to take was x-rays and then go from there depending on what they found. The concern was mostly that she had ingested a large amount of tinfoil and that it would cause her some problems. The results from the x-ray proved that she can pig out like nobody's business. Her stomach had expanded to FOUR times it's normal size which meant the next course of action was to try and get her to throw up as much of it as they could, which ended up being all of it.

I headed over to Choice Greens next door to have lunch while they took the x-rays. If you're ever in town, it's a really awesome place for lunch, you can make custom salads. I had the avocado club and it was incredibly amazing. After lunch I headed back to the vet and got to go see the x-rays for myself, like any good blogger I pulled out my phone and took pictures since I didn't really believe it for myself. After throwing up a whole loaf of banana walnut bread and some tin foil, Bella got fluids which turned her into a humpback laborder (she's a lab and collie mix) she was back to her wiggly butt self.

The good news of heading to the vet this weekend was that I got to meet the vet who will be doing Bella's dew claw surgery on the 9th, which made me feel a lot better about having it done. She was very nice and Bella seemed to like her.

After all the excitement at the vet, we headed home and hung out for the rest of the day. The rest of the weekend was fairly boring compared to our two plus hour adventure.

Until next time,

Run hard, be strong, and always think big!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

New Rules of Lifting for Women..

Tomorrow I start on a new adventure which will be completing the New Rules of Lifting for Women program with a few other bloggers. We are blogging about our journey, including pictures and numbers on a new blog called IronSisters. I haven't really been able to figure out how I post my stats and photos, so I'm going to post them here for tonight, and hope that I can figure out how to get them up over there soon!

I will be posting every Sunday about the week's workouts, and will be updating my stats weekly on a Google document. The other ladies are doing monthly stats and pictures so I'm not sure if I'm going to post them every week.

Here are my baseline photos.

Yes I know the photos are terrible for someone who is supposed to be a photography major. Didn't really think about the photos until tonight, and need to find a better way to take them than using the kitchen table for a tripod.

Alright, as for my measurements, here is the information to the google document that has all of that information. I will update it weekly even if I don't post that I updated it. Check my measurements here!

So here's to an exciting new adventure with some lovely ladies! I can't wait to hit the new gym tomorrow and get to work!

Until next time,

Run hard, BE STRONG, and always think big!

PS. I joined a gym on Saturday so I'll show you guys some photos of my sweet new hangout after my workout in the morning!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Narrative Paper - Tinker Bell Half Marathon

I still haven't found the time to go back through my memories from the weekend of the Tinker Bell Half Marathon but I did write about it for my Composition I class, so I'm going to post the paper which I wrote on it. The assignment was writing a narrative paper so this is what I chose to write about.

           Everyone shuffled together as we moved forward towards the lights and sounds. It felt good to move after sitting and waiting for the signal to get ready, I guess all that pent up nervous energy made me want to do nothing but move. I could tell that the lingering pain in my foot would change my goals for the day, but I let every negative thought just wash away. Continuing to move forward the lights got brighter and the music louder, and then BOOM! The road in front of me cleared as the people spread out to find their pace. Crossing the start line timing mat and hitting start on my watch, I was taking my first steps into what would become one of the most memorable days of my life. Weaving around and in front of walkers and other runners as the course curved and weaved through the service roads of Disneyland. Suddenly I could see It’s A Small World, then the Matterhorn quickly appeared. Before I knew it we had hit Tomorrowland and then I was running the back lot along side Space Mountain. Exiting the back lot suddenly we had hit Main Street U.S.A. and it appeared before me. Aurora’s Castle.              
          You’re here, and guess what? You’re doing it. My brain had to keep convincing me that I was finally in the place that I’d dreamed of so many times, Disneyland, the place where it all began for Walt. Never mind that I was doing something I couldn’t imagine doing, even the night before. Fantasyland, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, then Frontierland and New Orleans Square, everything was passing too fast for me to take it all in so I just let the pixie dust carry me through. Another back lot entrance and Downtown Disney appeared before me. I was brought back to the previous night where I walked the same path with a close friend. Through the parking lot, down Magic Way and I finally hit the streets of Anaheim.
            The pain finally hit me. This shouldn’t be happening, you were ready. Just do your best, you’ll be back next year. One foot in front of the other and my body seemed to carry me through the streets. Cheerleading teams and other spectators lined the road in spots, and the encouragement was warmly welcomed. Before I knew it I had a Team In Training coach running along side me giving me some advice that I couldn’t help but be thankful for. “There’s always another.” He seemed to know I was struggling. “I’ll see you here next year right?” He inquired and I gave a nod and a smile back as I watched him head back to the sidelines from which he came. He’s right. There’s always another race, and guess what? You can come back next year and demolish this course. A tunnel, a straight road and then I hit uncharted territory, Disney’s California Adventure. It’s hard to slow down and look around with this many people around. Hollywood Pictures Backlot and I was feeling amazing, I had made it over eleven miles and things finally became real. I was going to finish. Past Grizzly River Run down to Paradise Park, back through Bug’s Life and past Tower of Terror. Back onto Disney Way and I could hear the finish line crowds and music. Twists and turns and then it appeared before me. A finish line lined with friends and family of racers, and Disney characters to welcome you in. You made it. You’ve finished your first half marathon. I quickly found my friend who had my things and made my way through the mess that was the family reunion area. Back to the hotel for a shower and a quick nap. 
            Walking through the park entrance with my half marathon medal hanging proudly from my neck and I was content. Welcome home. Still so hard to believe that I was in the place that I had coveted for so long, researched for countless hours and imagined for years. 

I hope you all enjoyed!

Until next time,

Run hard, be strong and always think big!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Still Sick....

I know I haven't been around in quite a while, and that's all due to still being sick. I'm really just trying to handle school and getting better, but I hope to be back to blogging in the next few days. I still can't hear anything out of my left ear, and now my right ear is starting to give me trouble. I've been watching a lot of Numb3rs since I got sick which is one of the shows that I love, but I want to get back to watching the Biggest Loser because I'm going to run out of episodes pretty soon! I'll catch you all after class with something interesting.

Until next time,

Run hard, be strong, and always think big!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Things I'm Loving... I'm Sick Edition.

I'm pretty sure most of you are aware that I'm fairly sick. I am lucky enough to have both mono and some other kind of virus which is just oodles of fun since most of this weekend so far has been groaning about how crappy I feel or sleeping. Since I'm still kind of on the fence about if I think I'm getting better I'll just do a quick post on the things that I'm loving while I'm sick.

1. Twitter and everyone who is hoping that I get better. When you feel really crappy, it means a lot that people want you to get better.

2. Badger Balm. This stuff is amazing, like incredible, oh and it smells pretty good too. Did I mention that most of their ingredients are organic?

3. That swallowing is now becoming less of a chore which means staying hydrated is becoming easier.

4. That I absolutely love this water bottle and can now chug from it like normal.

5. That I got an awesome new sticker for the water bottle. It came as part of a sticker set that I won on Facebook. Thanks Clif Bar!

6. That Food Network was having a marathon of the last season of Worst Cooks in America today, since the new season premieres tomorrow night. I absolutely loved last season so I hope the new one is just as good or better.

Until next time,

Run had, be strong and always think big!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Quick Check In - Some Unfortunate News.

First off, I'd like to let you all know that I am fine, but I found out that a close friend of mine has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Things are looking like they will turn out for the better, but it's hard news for me to digest as cancer is something that has been close to me for quite a bit of my life. I'm still working on processing through everything, so things may get a little quiet around here. When I've finished processing through everything I may talk a little bit about my past with cancer, but I can tell you one thing right now, cancer sucks.

For now I have to go get ready for classes tomorrow and decompress so that I can sleep. I don't mean to leave you all hanging with this, but I'm just not really sure what to say right now.

Until next time,

Run hard, be strong, and always think big!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Superbowl Sunday...was Yesterday?

Yes, in fact yesterday was the Superbowl and I actually went to a party for the event and guess what. I had a great time and I actually watched the game! Those of you who know me will know that I don't really watch things such as football on my own accord, but I actually ended up watching the game, and enjoyed it. Most of my weekend to-do list was tackled, but I'm still putting the final touches on those posts for you guys before I get them up, so it may be another few days for my Tinker Bell post to come up, but February goals will be up tonight.

When I woke up this morning I had a lovely surprise from Bella, and it was completely unexpected. As you can see on the left is a key card, that is the key card that I need to get into my apartment. Yes, my lovely princess Bella ATE my apartment key. Magically it still works, which is kind of fantastic, and I will keep using it until it stops working or I lose it, which I kind of hope I don't since it's amusing to me to use the key. I'm leaving it on my desk from now on so that she doesn't get to chew on it anymore. This is really the first time she's chewed anything that she wasn't supposed to and I was a bit surprised that it was the key card, but oh well.

Today was a mostly boring day so I don't have much else to talk about, but I'll catch you guys tomorrow with a few new things.

Until next time,

Run hard, be strong and always think big!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

10 Favorite Things From The Week!

This week has been a little crazy with getting back on Monday then going to a full day of classes and then going, going, going pretty much non stop since then. However, I've been keeping track of some of my favorite things from the week. 

1. That I was standing here for the first time in my life.
2. That I finished this race.
3. That people ask me if I'm injured when they see this.
4. That this stuff smells amazing.
5. That these came in the mail today.
6. That I can print these at home.
7. That I can wash all my workout clothes in one load.
8. That I figured out a good storage system for all my workout stuff.
9. That I didn't miss this thing as much as I thought I would.
(Minus the plane incident)
10. That I'm in love with Disney Pins again.

Until next time, 

Run hard, be strong and always think big!

Friday, February 3, 2012

It's Friday?

I'm actually having a hard time believing that today was Friday because I've been able to ninja-kick most of my weekend's to do list that involves things in my apartment. I cleaned off my desk, unpacked my suitcase from Tinker Bell, and even did most of my laundry. I still have quite a few things to do this weekend so I'll give you a little breakdown.

  • Get groceries and other apartment items. (like toilet paper. I REALLY need more toilet paper)
  • Write out ten sponsor letters for the June event
  • Print out envelopes to send out KT Tape Samples to winners in. (means I have to play with my printer until they print properly)
  • Finish cleaning my room.
  • Do three chapters of my History of Architecture and Interior Design notebook. (this weird assignment thing which is part of the class)
  • Begin writing my first paper. Topic: Your major and why you chose it. (due Friday)
  • Write Tinker Bell Race Recap.
  • Write February goals.
This weekend feels like it will be a busy one, that Monday will come quickly and I won't have finished this list, but after the start that I got today I'm feeling pretty confident that I'll be able to get it all done and still feel like I had a weekend. I'll see you guys tomorrow with a more interesting post, promise!

Until next time, 

Run hard, be strong, and always think big!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tagged.....11 Random Facts and 11 Questions

I finally got tagged in one of those question things that I've been seeing going around the blogosphere. MCM Mama tagged me, and I was pleasantly surprised to this when I woke up from my nap yesterday about 20 minutes before my night class. I promise that was super sexy, like drooled pretty good into my sweatshirt sleeve. Also, written during my break in class because I'm going to forget to do it if I wait.

My 11 random facts:
1. No matter what time I wake up, I MUST check twitter, and my email before I'm allowed to get out of bed or I already feel behind on the day. It makes me feel like I've already caught up on the day since most of you cool people are in an earlier time zone I wake up feeling already behind on things. 

2. I check the Lululemon website every day to see if there are any new products, I'm usually looking for bags. I usually can't stomach the prices that are listed on the website but hey a girl can dream right? I would love to get some of their bags though. They're usually pretty gorgeous.

3. I can watch the Food Network all day without getting hungry, and it's usually what you can find on my tv. You can also find my tv on pretty much 98% of the time I'm home, but really only for the noise. I cannot focus when things are quiet. 

4. I'm trying to take notes and word keeps putting the strike through button on so that everything I'm typing is crossed out. I'm ready to throw my laptop across the classroom.......word just crashed because I tried to stop it from strike throughing my words. 

5. I have to watch an episode of something on Netflix before bed. Right now I'm watching Futurama. I try to stick with short shows because it makes it easier to only watch one 20some minute episode than a 40some minute episode.

6. I wish I could wear workout clothes everyday for the rest of my life, or dresses. I love wearing dresses and workout clothes. For some reason I always come home at the end of the day with weird like indentations when I wear jeans for the day, I hate them.

7. I want to make patterns from a lot of the clothes that I have. There are some items of clothing that I have which I really love, but they are starting to become too big, and I can't stand parting with them, so my solution is to make patterns from the ones that are too big and make my own. 

8. I don't really like people touching Bella if I don't know them. I get comments from total strangers about how gorgeous Bella is, and down here I guess thievery of dogs is a fairly common thing so I get quite paranoid that someone will try and steal her. 

9. I have to sleep on my stomach. I used to be a side sleeper, but I can't do that anymore. Fact: sleeping on your stomach is better than your back than sleeping on your back. Thank you Tempur-pedic sales man from Las Vegas. 

10. I wish that I had been cool enough to get a letter jacket in high school, but not really. I always thought they were really cool, and still do, but I'm kind of over my wishing I had one since apparently when you're in college it's not cool to wear the letter jacket that you got in high school. 

11. Whenever I'm talking to Andy on the phone and Bella is near me I will literally tell her that I'm talking to her father. Why yes, I am well aware that I am a certifiable freak when it comes to my dog. He will respond with letting me know that she's only borrowing his side of the bed, and only one half of his half of the bed. Yeah, we're freaks.  

Now that I've given you 11 random facts about myself, lets move onto the questions that I'm supposed to answer. 

MCM Mama's questions for me:

1. Do you sleep with a lovey? If so, what? - Unless you can count my dog as a lovey I don't really sleep with one. However I am very particular about the pillow/pillowcase that I sleep on, the pillow has to be flat and the pillowcase one of three, two flannel cloud pillow cases, or a white pillowcase with red stripes. I guess I like consistency? Maybe I should get some new pillowcases for my birthday haha.

2. Where’s your favorite place to go on vacation? - Considering I just came back from my first trip to Disneyland, I would have to say Walt Disney World. The last time I went was with my brother and my dad back when I was twelve and it is one of my favorite vacations of all time, it was so much fun. I'd go just about anywhere there's a Disney park though. Brainwashed? Maybeeeee, but Disney is magicalllll.

3. Have you ever been on a cruise? If so, where did you go? - I have been on a cruise. It went around the caribbean and I can recall stopping in Jamaica and that we were supposed to stop in Haiti but didn't because of something that was going on there at the time which would have caused safety issues.

4. What’s your favorite day of the week? - My favorite day of the week is Sunday, but that is only a recent occurrence. Sunday was a day of doing a lot of things before I moved to college, but now that I'm living on my own I take Sunday's and make sure that I do absolutely nothing because I enjoy doing absolutely nothing at least one day of the week.

5. Is there a vegetable that you absolutely refuse to eat? - I don't think that there is a vegetable that I would absolutely refuse to eat, but I'm very particular about the kinds of foods that I will eat for myself. I have some brussels sprouts sitting in the fridge that really need to be eaten....maybe I should do that.

6. How close to where you were born do you live? - I live 1,770 miles from where I was born, well that's how far I live from my dad's house. I live 1,764 miles from my mom's house, so I guess she's a little closer. Thank you google maps!

7. How many states have you lived in? - I have lived in two states, Minnesota and Arizona. I feel like that answer makes me seem really boring, but I'm okay with that. 

8. Favorite snack? - My favorite snack is currently Barbara's Snackimals in Chocolate Chip. Those things are delicious, and I'm pretty much addicted to them at this point. Other favorite snack? Peanut Butter & Company's White Chocolate Wonderful mixed with Uncle Sam cereal, and a mashed banana, sooooo delicious. 

9. Favorite non-running related blog? - My favorite non-running related blog would have to be....(going to check my google reader, be right back)..... it would have to be Imagineering Disney I find everything about most things Disney completely fascinating but the things that I find most interesting is all of the "imagineering" that went into everything that Walt did, and Disney continues to do. I find it completely fascinating to look at the skeletal systems of the animatrons that are all over. 

10. Are you addicted to pinterest? - I am not currently addicted to Pinterest even though I have an account there. 

11. What’s your favorite room in your current house? - My favorite room in my current house is my bedroom, but there are only really two rooms in my apartment that would qualify to be a part of this question. There's the kitchen/living room/dining room or my bedroom, since it would be weird to say that my favorite room in the house is my roommates room even though I think it's pretty cool.

I have to admit I'm one of those chain mail killers so I'm not going to tag anyone else, since I think pretty much everyone has already been tagged, so hope you guys enjoyed reading this. 

Until next time, 

Run hard, be strong, and always think big!

Seven and a Half Hours.

I just got out of my first class for the day, and I have seven and a half hours before my next class. Awesome? Kind of. It gives me time to get ready for next week's classes and get my homework for the weekend done, which means that my space for the day looks like the photo. This weekend I have a lot that I will be doing including cleaning my room and getting ready to start back up with some kick ass workouts so that I'm ready to ninja kick the rest of this year. I'm still very surprised that I'm feeling this good less than a week after my first half marathon, I'm ready to get back to working out and take on some new challenges and get to the place where I want to be towards the end of the year. I'll catch you guys tomorrow when I'm back here for my one class of the day, haha.

Until next time,

Run hard, be strong, and always think big!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

February Goals!

My goals for February are somewhat short, but I feel that to be appropriate because this is a bit of a shorter month.

1. Write half the sponsor letters for event in June - I'd like to get at least half of the letters done this month so that I can send them out as soon as they're finished.

2. Go through my closet and organize it into things that I wear, and things that I don't wear - Closet space is at a premium in my house so I'd like to know what I don't wear so that I can think about what I want to do with it, so that I have space for everything that I actually wear.

3. Keep my room clean - I can't seem to be able to keep my room clean ever, but I'm feeling good about it being clean this time around rather than every other time it's been clean, so I'm going to be keeping it that way.

4. Make the best use of my breaks at school that I can - When the term started I wasn't sure what I would do during the breaks in between classes that I have, especially with such a long one on Tuesday's and Thursday's. I'd like to continue to use that time at school the best I can so that I can keep on top of everything.

5. Figure out how my Garmin works - I was lucky enough to get a Garmin before Tinker Bell, but I didn't get to spend a lot of time playing with it before the race, so I'd like to spend time this month figuring out everything on it works. So far? I'm loving it.

6. Keep my computer at my desk - My desk is clean again and I'd like to keep my computer tied to it as much as I can so that it doesn't end up in bed with me and keep me up like it seems to be able to do.

7. Bring Bella running - I've run with Bella once before and I actually enjoyed it, so I'd like to get into a regular rhythm with her when it comes to taking her running.

8. Strength train - When Tinker Bell was right around the corner I was a bit concerned that I might injure myself but now that I'm done with the race I'd like to get back to the weights.

9. Figure out a way to get Masters back in my life - With my school schedule, I feel like I'm busy all day every day, but I am really missing the pool, so I'd like to figure out how to fit practice back into my schedule.

10. Add five more random acts of kindness to my list for the June event - I've been working on brainstorming the acts of kindness that I will be doing during the event, but I'd like to get closer to completing that list this month.

Until next time,

Run hard, be strong, and always think big!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January Wrap Up.

Today is the last day of the month of January and I have to say that 2012 is off to a fantastic start! Rather than write a long post about how this term is going I will just list all of the awesome things that have happened to me in the first month of the year!

  • Finished my first half marathon
  • Celebrated my first year of having the princess Bella
  • Started a new school term where I am taking five general education classes
  • Hit 100 posts on the blog
  • Hit 5,000 views on the blog
  • Hosted my first giveaway
  • Went to Disneyland for the first time
This month was a really exciting one because it was a lot of fun stuff going on and quite a few firsts. 2012 seems like it will be a year of firsts for me so I'm excited to see what other kinds of firsts will happen this year!

Until next time, 

Run hard, be strong and always think big!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

First Half Marathon

I have completed the Disneyland Tinker Bell Half Marathon. I didn't get the time that I was looking for, but as the race started I found it more important to finish and not end up in the medical tent, and that is what I did.


I am now off to go play in the parks until they close with my DSLR and my medal.

Until next time, 

Run hard, be strong and always think big!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Hello Los Angeles!

I have safely landed in Los Angeles. I had to sprint full speed to make it to my connecting flight which lead to a bit of a meltdown once I got on the plane but things are fine now. 

Next up? Race expo!

Until next time, 

Run hard, be strong and always think big!

Hello Phoenix!

I have landed safely in Phoenix connecting flight is cutting it close for take off due to a mechanical delay in Tucson. See you from Los Angeles!

Until next time, 

Run hard, be strong and always think big!

Hello TSA!

I've safely made it through security relatively unharmed. They confiscated my peanut butter, I'll live but I'm quite sad about it. So hopefully Peanut Butter & Co makes their White Chocolate Wonderful in travel sizes soon! I'll be updating from my phone as I land in Phoenix then again as I land in Los Angeles. I'm hoping for very uneventful flights and to not have to go through security again in Phoenix.

The next time I see you all will be from hopefully sunny Los Angeles!

Until next time,

Run hard, be strong, and always think big!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Why I Can't Wait for Tomorrow!

This weekend will be a whirl wind of amazing.

It'll be my first time seeing this castle in person.

I'll get this medal placed around my neck.

I will get to meet and run with some awesome new friends!

I will get to come home as a half marathoner.

So cheers to the freakin' weekend!

Until next time,

Run hard, be strong, and always think big!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wordless Wednesday. My Day in Photos.

Until next time,

Run hard, be strong and always think big!

Branding - Business Cards!

Continuing on with my showing of the new branding items that I'm working on, which means next is to show you all the business cards! Tomorrow I will be posting the mini business cards that we designed, but we are still trying to finalize those so I can get them printed. 

Until next time,

Run hard, be strong, and always think big!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

KT Tape Pro Sample Giveaway!

To celebrate the milestone of hitting my 100th blog post. KT Tape has allowed me to give away FIFTEEN samples of their new Pro tape! There are quite a few ways to enter so your chances of winning are pretty good!

I will be checking the mandatory entry, and if you do not follow directions for that your entries will be deleted.

Note: The samples are black in color. Not bright pink or anything.

Product Review - KT Tape PRO - 100th Post!

Disclaimer: This review expresses my own experiences with the product as well as my own viewpoint on the product. The product was also purchased using my own funds. 

As many of you may know, I love my KT Tape. I really love using it to keep my knees from getting angry at me, but I would always have an issue with it staying on for very long especially since I swim often. So when I heard about the new KT Tape PRO I was insanely excited to try it out, and I got the opportunity to test it at Rock'n'Roll Las Vegas which I spectated. I found KT Tape while perusing Sports Authority trying to find something to keep my knee from hurting when I first started running and ever since I've sworn by it. 

The new KT Tape PRO is 100% synthetic, includes a reflective pattern and has an incredibly strong adhesive. I was taped with it at the Rock'n'Roll Las Vegas expo and got to test it out that weekend, and over the course of the week after the race. I was having issues with my knee being angry at me yet again, and the relief I felt as soon as the new tape was on was incredible. I could already tell that this was going to hold up to my beatings and abuse. I bought two rolls at the expo, pink and green of course, to use once my supply of Original tape ran out. Not only could I tell that this tape was going to hold on a lot better, the new style (I strips only) would mean no more curling ends! At first I thought this new style would mean needing to use more tape for the same applications, however I was very wrong. Two strips and my knee was good as new!

The reflectivity of the new tape really impressed me and the design is quite nice, however I personally would love to see the honeycomb design in my two favorite colors, you know bees, they make honeycombs, which of course means that I should be sporting that pattern. Over the course of the weekend of Rock'n'Roll Las Vegas, I took many showers including a 45 minute hot shower to warm up after race spectating, and changed outfits quite a few times, and so far the tape was holding incredibly well. My experience with the original tape would be that it would hold for a day or two, but I didn't expect what was coming with how long the new PRO would last. This new application for my knee was also a bit more cosmetically appealing than the application that I would use for my knees with the Original tape, I also felt that it was more supportive than the old application.

Since I bought two rolls of the tape at the expo, I'll show you the unboxing process.

Love the new box design!

When you first open it up...

You get your roll of tape in a really cool container!

You even get a KT Tape sticker!

You also get the fancy new instruction sheet!

Everything you get in the box.

The case you get is really nice.

It keeps your tape from unrolling in your gym bag!

Fresh new roll of tape!

What you'll get in a box. Not including the green roll.
During my product testing period I took a lot of showers, swam a few days, ran a few more days, and my knee felt completely supported throughout the whole week. I was actually surprised at how long the adhesive was holding for, but after about a week and some concern from a few people that it was unsanitary to have the tape on that long I removed it. Honestly I think the adhesive could have held for quite a few more days because when I took the tape off my leg was quite red.

Proof that this stuff STICKS.
My overall experience with the new KT Tape PRO was incredible, and it's an item that I can't go without even on a daily basis. I have samples everywhere just in case my knees decide to act up. I asked KT Tape if I could give away some samples of the new Pro and they agreed to let me giveaway FIFTEEN samples. So head on over to the giveaways page and enter!

Until next time,

Run hard, be strong and always think big!