Friday, July 29, 2011

Been MIA

Tonight's post is short and sweet.

I'm still around, just getting busy with school, turn and everything that's going on right now.

I promise I'll recap everything when I'm less busy, and possibly do a few more short posts before I'm done with classes.

If you want to see what I've been up to you can check out my twitter or my daily mile.

Catch you all in a few days.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Past Few Days and OW!

Wednesday this week was really good, and by the time I got home from school I was exhausted, but didn't end up going to bed until late, which was a mistake, but I'll catch up on my sleep over the next few days. We worked on light and shadows in drawing class, and Art History was interesting as always, and we watched a video about the French Revolution, which I believe we are watching the remainder of on Monday. I really liked how my last drawing from Wednesday turned out and I think that it's pretty accurate, and I used a circles in perspective technique to get the cylinder more correct than my first attempt. I found out that I got a B+ on my one point perspective and was pretty pleased with that, although I thought the grades for everyone would be a little higher since it's an introduction class but you never know.
I found this gem, to the right, at school which is something somewhat normal to find when you're in art school, but I always find them fun and refreshing to see rather than white walls. It's always interesting to see what people are drawing and sometimes try to figure out who left it, which is easier said than done. This one was double sided, but I liked this side the best so that's the one that I photographed.

Thursday was good, I was able to get a lot of errands done, and tried to make the Frayed Laces quinoa crust gluten free almond pesto pizza and I do mean tried. The recipe was very easy to understand and make, I just fail at cooking sometimes. I managed to grate a good chunk of my finger while trying to grate parmesan cheese which was major failure, but it's doing better now. The quinoa was good, and I plan on trying it again in some different applications but I found out that I don't like pesto, which is something I wouldn't know unless I tried it, and I'm glad I did. It's too bad though, because it seemed like it would be an awesome thing to have every so often if I had liked it. Here are some pictures of how it turned out, and me being angry at it.

I also went to Ross for the first time on Thursday and was able to find some awesome stuff, and some even better discounts, so it was an awesome trip. I also was able to get some more bottles for my kitchen light feature which is exciting, note, I do not drink, the bottles came to me empty from someone who does drink that is over 21. :)
Frozen bananas mmmm

My bottle light feature in the kitchen

Fruit stand!
Shoe box! Hoping for no more dog hair getting stuck in my running shoes.

The most adorable salt and pepper shakers
I may only be a dog mommy, but I can totally agree with this most mornings.
After numbing, they feel like baseballs, that's the worst of it though.
Yay for iodine! :)
My giant sausage toes ):
My recovery plan, along with all the previous seasons of Hell's Kitchen!
Blogger is now not letting me add anymore pictures, so I'm going to try to add them in a little later, all the photos are have been added. Currently, I do have to admit that today was like my least favorite day out of the past week. The ingrown toenail removal was a success, but after much complaining on my part while getting my toes numbed. Once they were numb I actually watched him do it since I couldn't feel anything. It was interesting to watch, but now that the numbing stuff has worn off, my toes hurt. But he did both sides of toes so I shouldn't ever have to go back in for that. After he was done maiming my toes I went downstairs for my MRI, walking super funny of course. It took quite a bit longer than planned, but that's alright. I should have my results for that when I go back in for my check up with the doc for my toes, and hopefully everything heals up just like it should. I picked up a copy of "The Athlete's Guide to Recovery" which I think is fitting with having a footrest up on my bed to keep my feet elevated. So far it's a good read, and I'm glad I got it since it's got some really good information in it. But for now I'm going to let blogger rest, and come back to post the rest of the pictures later.

Until next time, 

Run hard, be strong, and always think big!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Dog Beat Me Up and Defunking.

My spoils for the day.
So over the past few days I've been in a bit of a funk, which I believe was worsened by the lovely fire alarm incident, but cannot find a cause of it to begin with. Since today was a day with no class I decided it was a day to get rid of this stupid funk, so I went exploring to find a running hat since with glasses the sun is brutal, and I spent much of my Sunday run trying to shade my eyes with my hand. I ended up going to TriSports to see if I could find something good, and I actually ended up finding out some pretty good information about running shoes, and bikes. I must also say that the people there are pretty awesome as well as super nice. I found an awesome visor that kind of has a built in sweatband, which I was pretty excited about since my face gets uber schweaty when I run (like you totally wanted to know that). It's cute to boot, which makes me excited to get to wear it on my next run! I did test it out tonight on the treadmill, yes I am aware I looked like a total dork running indoors with a visor, but I wanted to see if it would hold up to my schweaty face. It did which made me super excited, I also managed to run for 20 minutes straight at the same speed, which was awesome. I also went to check out Bookman's to see if I could find any good running/athlete/nutrition books, but alas I could not. I did find a few Runner's World and Triathlete magazines that I liked, and of course since it was at Bookmans, it was a steal. I'm very pleased with my spoils for the day, and am feeling super defunked, which is probably why I was able to run so well.

Onto the "my dog beat me up" part of the title, she did, I promise you. So most of the pictures of Bella you all have seen, look like the one above. Super adorable, cute, saintly looking dog. Well let me tell you, she has her moments, and one of them was tonight. When I got home from defunking, she kept trying to death roll onto my laptop, I figured she wanted to cuddle, so we cuddled for a while, and then the inner devil came out, and I got smashed in the face with her skull. So yes my dog beat me up. Here's the damage that was done, obviously not much, but still, it hurt. I am also quite well aware that this is a terrible photo of my face.

Until next time,

Run hard, be strong and always think big!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday of Deafness.

First off, I would like to note that I am sitting on my porch with Bella, and another girl that lives in my building because the fire alarms are going off. No there isn't a fire. They are going off because of thunder and lightning that got very close to the building. Out of the 21 buildings of apartments on this property, mine is the only one to go out. I was attempting to catch up on Food Network Star before the new episode tonight, but now that's not going to happen, because even attempting to be inside the apartment right now is possibly worse than anything else I can think of, aside from maybe waterboarding.

Over the past few days I've been quite productive, including running about 3 miles on Friday, about 3 miles this morning, doing two drawing projects, and researching for my art history paper. I'm back now, I had to take a break to get us a fan since it's 90 degrees outside. These alarms are completely horrible. We've called Central Alarm, they say that they have no record of alarms going off at the complex, well that's just great since EVERYONE we've talked to that works here, has told us that the problem is being "worked on". I'm really not impressed. I get that it's approaching 6pm on a Sunday, but this is unacceptable since the alarms have been going off for nearly an hour, and to say that I'm displeased would be about the understatement of the week. I would also like to note that Bella is not impressed either, and I feel horribly bad because you can hear the alarms just as bad outside the apartment as you can inside.

Please turn sound down before you watch the video.

Update: The alarms were going off for a total of about five hours before they were shut off, by having the fuse pulled.

Until next time,

Run hard, be strong and always think big.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Doctor's Office Dilemma and Exploring

So today was supposed to be my, hopefully last for a while, podiatry appointment, and foot MRI, well, no such luck. My infection hasn't disappeared completely, and the MRI people messed up my appointment. Which meant I was going to show up for my 9am appointment and probably not get anything done. That's just about how it went. To the left is what my toes look like at this point, they're getting better, but not all the way there. They're dirty too, from wearing my Birkenstocks to take the dog out for the last time tonight. Hopefully next Friday, when all the appointment reschedules are for, goes off without a hitch, since I have a 10am podiatry appointment, 11am foot MRI in the same building, then Bella to get her nails trimmed at 1pm, while I get a coat of polish on my nails at 1:15pm, and then head over to school at 2:30pm to do a little photo shoot with a school friend. Sounds busy, right? At least it'll be a fun day.

After my lovely morning of nearly getting mowed down by a car before 7am, and before coffee, then riding the bus all the way to the doctors office (including walking a mile+ through a construction zone), having a little showdown with two different receptionists, I was about ready for a break. Since I was down near U of A, I figured I'd explore a little. I had walked past Fair Wheel Bikes on my way to the next working bus stop, I thought about checking it out on my way home, since I hadn't been there before. It's a nice little shop, and I got to chat with one of the workers and find out about some triathlon stuff, bike groups and other such things, which was really cool. I also scored a free Triathlete Magazine while I was there, thanks Lee! Hopefully I can do some group rides with them once I have a suitable bike for such. Then I walked my way over to Main Gate Square, which I've been down to before, but not really to just look around, so I did a little window shopping, mailed a book to my mom, found out when the next shuttle from campus went to my complex, and then settled down at Starbucks for an hour with my new reading material. The passion tea wasn't my favorite, but it was still pretty good, so I'm glad I tried it.

After catching the shuttle home, I settled in with a little art history reading, about two chapters worth, a little bit of Netflix, and some research on master swim programs. The research ended up confusing me so I looked to twitter and ended up getting in touch with Stephanie from SAS Performance Training and I have to say, she is SUPER nice! Over all today was a fairly successful day, even though I wanted to head over to the TriSports store, I figured I'd save it for another day, when I can spend quite a bit of time there. I've got a lot to do this weekend, and I'm really excited about it, especially since a lot of it is drawing or research. I'm hoping that by doing more stuff this weekend, I can take a mini-break from school work next weekend since I'm a bit ahead. The picture to the left was how I got stared at for the past like hour. I'm not sure how I manage to not give her half of all the food I eat, but somehow I've become a bit immune to that face, and it's probably a good thing.

Well I guess that's three things for Thursday.

Until next time,

Run hard, be strong, and always think big!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Back to Classes and Recipe Request!

So today was my first day back to classes and over all it was a good day. Drawing was interesting since we were doing drawings of hands, and this class is the most formal drawing training I've ever had. As you can see my hands weren't the best. The one in the top right corner was my first, then the second was all the way to the left, the third is the blind one at the bottom, the fourth was the abandoned blind one above that, the fifth was above the failed and the final is the one with my palm. I think I got a little bit better as I kept going, but I still don't see myself continuing on with drawings of humanly parts after this class is over. Then it was time for Art History, which was always interesting. This class of art history is focusing on the Renaissance to 20th century, so it'll be interesting to see what we talk about. Today we covered some David statues, the Sistine Chapel, a few other things, and watched a video about Da Vinci, which was pretty cool. During one of the breaks I checked Twitter and found this lovely picture.
Sarah Stanley posted it, and I made the guess of rotisserie chicken, kale and sweet potatoes, which was correct. It instantly made me hungry, so I think I'm for sure going to make something similar soon. I want to start cooking more too, since I actually enjoy it, so if you have recipes that you think I should try send them my way! Send in your favorite recipes too. I'd love to grow my collection to things other than pasta. :) To send me those recipes you can email them to me or post them in the comments.

Until next time,

Run hard, be strong, and always think big!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Quiz from IRONDIVA and OOPS.

First for the oops. So we all know how I have my second and hopefully finally for a while, podiatry appointment on Thursday. Well on Wednesday I was given a prescription for antibiotics that I fully intended to fill right away, but completely forgot about until today, whoops. So I ran over to Walmart and got it filled and then came home and was like HOLY BLOGGER, since SEVEN people decided to update their blogs while I was gone for like an hour.

So IRONDIVA tagged me in her post to do a quiz, which I'm thankful for since I don't really have anything much else to post.

My favorite cartoon character is... currently, Applejack from My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. Watched it to amuse a friend and figure out why it was somewhat trending on the internet. I ended up watching the whole season, it's a semi-quality show.

My favorite thing to photograph is... Bella the princess dog, and nature or city. I love capturing the natural beauty of things.

My favorite thing to cook is... I'll cook about anything, but haven't in a while. I suppose my favorite thing to cook is pasta, in all shapes and forms. Now if only I could learn to make my own. Hmmmm.

My favorite way to exercise is... bicycling, I wish I could do it all the time, like when I'm spending my day relaxing and watching Netflix or television. I can't wait to do RAGBRAI with some awesome ladies in a few years. 

My favorite movie is... the new version of Alice in Wonderland, Cat's Don't Dance, Julie & Julia, Up, and Easy A.

My favorite article of clothing is... I would have to say my dad's sweatshirt. I love to wear it in the winter down here.

My favorite flower is... White Roses.

My favorite breakfast is... hmm. This one is tough. I guess I'm going to have to say my special frappuccino and an asiago cheese bagel from Starbucks.

Before I'd go, I'd like to mention that Frayed Laces is an AWESOME lady and that I'm proud of her even if she thinks her time sucks. Lady, you officially ROCK in my book. :)

Until next time,

Run hard, be strong, and always think big!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Rest Day and Grades!

I just wanted to give a little update before I go to bed for tonight. Today was fairly quiet, I just kind of hung around the house, did some laundry even though I still have a mountain of it to do, including quite a bit that I just shoved in my closet. But I'm going to save that for Tuesday when I'll have almost nothing to do.

I'm getting up at 3:20am so that I can track Frayed Laces during the Amica Ironman 70.3 Rhode Island, and I'm actually really excited about it. Once the race is over I plan to head to Starbucks so that I can do my two point perspective of the pick up bar. I'm thinking it should go fairly quickly, and hope to be home by like 2 or 3pm. Then I'll try and download the course packet for the second half of my art history class. I'd just thought I'd post what I just discovered when attempting to download the course packet.

I would start dancing right now, but I'm too tired for that, haha. I was hoping for an A, but I'll take an A- for now. I think I'm back in business and I'm actually really excited to go back on Monday. I'm making it my goal to get an A in the second half of my art history class, because I know I can do it.

So now I'm off to bed, well, off to watch Netflix for a little bit then fall asleep.

Until next time,

Run hard, be strong, and always think big!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Nesting, Day 2! Pictures Galore.

First I'd like to welcome my new followers. You have no idea how excited I've been to keep seeing the number go up and up. For those of you who I know read my blog anyways you should follow itttt. Anyways, I've finished cleaning the apartment so that it's ready for turn, and it looks odd. I'm keeping some decorations up like wall stuff, but everything else has been moved to a temporary spot. I was able to talk on the phone with my new roommate, who will from now on be known as H, today and I'm very excited to meet her. Part of the reason why I'm posting even more pictures today is so that H can see what her bedroom, and the apartment look like since she won't be getting here until a few days before move in time! Picture's of H's room are from when I lived in there, which is why it's decorated. So here we go! I will put captions of course so everyone knows what they're looking at.

H's shower and towel bar. Taken using the mirror
H's toilet and cabinet, the cabinet has three shelves.
H's sink and mirror, there is a small medicine cabinet behind the door.
Desk, and small view of bathroom. Hey, you can see the medicine cabinet!
Example of what the dining room table might look like, they're bringing it back on Tuesday.
Dresser, closet and window, which looks out onto the patio. So for sure get some curtains H. 
View from the door. 
Back of the door has a hook. 
Patio set :) 
Door and door mat. Wanting to find a cute welcome sign. 
View out a living room window. View from my bedroom is even better! 
Door mat. My favorite ever!
YES, I do have a washer and dryer in my apartment. 
Hall closet for H's stuff. 
Had to stop for a photo session with Bella as I cleaned. I told her to look fierce. 
Wanting to know if I'm done yet.
REALLY done with having her picture taken. 
Kitchen, all clean!
Other side of the kitchen. I love my fridge. :)
Couch. It looks so sad without decorations!
Chair and my closet.
H's window. 
Living room, without dining room table.  
View out the big living room window. Have to get them to trim up that tree again so it's not scraping the window at night! EEK!
My dresser and school supplies area.  
Window wall, without bookshelves.
Desk, yes it is still useable with the television on it.  
Bella is very tired from her long day watching me clean. 
So, as you can see I'm all ready for the invasion of my apartment, and I'm really excited to meet H. Hope you all liked the tour of my apartment!

Until next time,

Run hard, be strong, and always think big!