Saturday, December 31, 2011

For My Mom.

I know that I haven't talked much about my family here, but today is my mom's birthday and I'd like to dedicate this post to her.


I know that sometimes we have our moments, but I truly do love spending time with you. I hope you have an amazing birthday, and I can't wait to see you again. I'm really excited to get to race with you this year and I can only hope that we do it again!


Your daughter.

I'm off to start off 2012 on a good note with a 12 mile run, watching REV3TRI Knoxville, and going to bed early. 

Until next time, 

Run hard, be strong and always think big!

Friday, December 30, 2011

December Goals Recap.

December has completely flown by and I'm looking forward to a really exciting 2012, but the year isn't over yet! Let's see how December went in terms of goals. 

1. Find my inner strength - I feel that through my workouts I've been realize how strong I am both physically and mentally. I still have times when I don't want to workout and I have to coax myself into them, but once I get going I don't want to stop.

2. Strength train 3x a week - I haven't been strength training 3x a week, but boot camp is kicking my ass enough that I don't feel like I need it because my body is already hurting so much from those workouts.

3. Complete every day of boot camp - I haven't been as good about doing the boot camp workouts as I should be, but they're kicking into high gear and I'm starting to feel better about doing them since I am noticing small improvements in how well I can do them.

4. Log all activities/miles in DailyMile - I haven't been doing much other than boot camp so I haven't really felt the need to track them. Once I get back to things such as running or regular workouts I may end up using this more. I am at least writing down all my workouts which is progress.

5. Write more regularly - I felt that my writing this month was better, even though it hasn't been as regular as I wanted it's getting better. I've got a lot planned for next year, including quite a few super exciting things, so I feel like I will just naturally write more as the year goes on. 

6. Try and learn how to french braid my own hair! - I made an appointment to be taught how to french braid my hair because as hard as I try, the how-to videos online aren't cutting it anymore, since for some reason my fingers don't want to do the movements. 

7. Don't let my diet go haywire - My diet has stayed mostly in check over the past month and I haven't felt like I've been doing a terrible job of keeping things on track, which is always nice.

8. Finalize 2012 race schedule - I have been able to, for the most part finalize my 2012 race schedule, I still need to register for some of these races but I have more of a guarantee that I will be doing these races. 

9. Keep doing yoga! - I wasn't able to keep up my goal of wanting to continue doing yoga. I have plans to squeeze some yoga sessions in during the day at school, so hopefully I can make that happen. 

10. Spend less time online, and more time outdoors - I've been spending a few hours outside everyday and the fresh air is feeling really nice, and moving my body after my killer workouts is hard but worth the pain. 

I can't wait to work on my goals for the year as well as for the months ahead. 

Until next time,
Run hard, be strong, and always think big!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Gotta Love the Fraud.

Today's workout:

48 -> 36 -> 24 -> 12

walking lunges (each leg)
run 1 mile

time to complete - 1:30
result: DEAD LEGS

Today I got to deal with the bank, Runner's World, a group called Synapse, and Here's what happened. I signed up to be a member of Southern Arizona Roadrunners in September using In November I received the December issue of Runner's World, I didn't think much of it and thought someone had gifted me a subscription. Yesterday I was charged for these issues of Runner's World that I had received but never ordered. 

First step: Angry tweet about the situation, and then...

I attempted to find a contact number for and found none, I then contacted Runner's World and they gave me a contact number for the Synapse group. I called the number and was sent through an automated system that refused to get me a human being. After crying my eyes out because the automated system was going no where I went down to the bank and filed the charges as fraudulent, canceled my card and all that jazz. 

Runner's World was FANTASTIC to me, and I was able to work with them to get better contact information for this Synapse group. I contacted Synapse and they canceled the subscription (which I never signed up for) and will reimburse the charges. 


I don't absolutely hate my bank...yet. I will never use again in my life, no matter the savings for registering online, so they are now on my black list. Synapse is also on my black list forever, and I will be finding out how they got my information to be able to charge my account without my permission. I will forever love Runner's World for how they responded to their situation, and love their magazine and website for the great information that I can always find from them. 

I wish I hadn't had to deal with all this, but I did, I'm just glad that it was solved relatively quickly.

Also, wooooot for two posts in one day. Who have I turned into??

Until next time, 

Run hard, be strong, and always think big!

Calling All Bloggers - What Would You Like To See....


Some of you may already have heard about a project that I am working on for my 21st birthday in June. I will be having a big party that includes all of you guys and a special project that I am working on! The whole thing will benefit an awesome group here in Tucson that I absolutely love, and you will get the chance to win some prizes for participating in the event. I am currently working on contacting companies to get some prizes and I've already got a few on board including, TriSports AND Tough Chik! Which means you guys are going to get some awesome prizes, but I would like to know what else you guys would like to see. 

So, tweeps and bloggies, what would you guys like to see as prizes for my big event in June? Comment, tweet or email me your suggestions and I will do my best to get those things for you guys! 

Until next time, 

Run hard, be strong, and always think big!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Post-Christmas Veg

Christmas is officially over and the post holiday veg has begun, but I'm not letting it stop me. I'm back to working out tomorrow morning, and will be getting back to being productive. My plan of attack for this week includes deep cleaning the apartment, finishing "The Triathlete's Training Bible", demolish all my workouts for the week, and start reading or tossing some of my old magazines.

My Christmas was nice and I got to spend time with my Grandma which always means getting one craft or another done. I did get to spend the morning with Bella and she got her own stocking. She loved the new toy that she got and played with it all day.

New toyyy!
Once I got down to Grandma's we went to a potluck dinner that had some really good food and then headed back to the house and hung around watching football. I worked on finishing the other baby blanket I'm working on and called it a night pretty early. Today I made a pillow case for a friend, that will sometime have matching pajamas to go with it but for now it's just a pillowcase. Then I got back up to Tucson early afternoon and have been reading, writing, and just hanging around.

How cute are these owls??
Until next time,

Run hard, be strong, and always think big!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas Eve!

I know that many of you may not read this until after Christmas has ended so I hope that you have had a happy holiday and enjoyed the time with your family. If you're checking this out on Christmas, well MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Today's workout was running 4 miles with the pooch and it was quite enjoyable. There weren't a lot of people out which meant we could have a good test run with the new leash. Once we got home I worked on cleaning my room and made a bit more progress. The plan for tomorrow is to do Bella's stocking, and then go down to Grandma's at noon for Christmas dinner and then I come back home Monday afternoon. 

I will leave you with the best photo that I could get of Bella with her stocking. 

Until next time, 

Run hard, be strong, and always think big!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Viva Las Vegas Picture Recap.

I know this post is way late coming, but I had too many amazing photos to share with you guys. Some of you may have seen a few of these before, but others may be new so I'm just going to go ahead with it.

Our group was so large we filled the shop!

Squishy and mom from Family Life in Las Vegas

I was hanging out with her for a while handing out candy.
If you heard someone scream "strangers with candy" that was me!

Until next time, 

Run hard, be strong, and always think big!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Getting Back in the Game.

I'm back in the game of being active and today felt good, but I know that tomorrow's work out will feel a lot better. Here's what today's workout looked like and it hurt so good.

4 rounds:
30 - pushups
30 - sit-ups
30 - squats

completed in - 1:13

After my come back workout my knees were a bit cranky so I went back to my apartment to tape up with my favorite pink and green KT Tape and felt much better so I continued with my day and took Bella for a long walk. We went and explored over by Rialto park and the race track that's over there and it was pretty neat. I know my past two posts have been missing photos but I'm not sure what photos to post since I haven't really been taking any good ones. I haven't gotten much of a chance to get started on cleaning my room so I'm hoping to start that tonight while I continue to watch Family Guy, so funny. I've had Bella's dog crate set up in my room for a few months now and I'm thinking I'll take it down and put it back under the couch since I barely use it, but it is good at keeping part of my room clean since I can't put stuff in that area. :)

I'm off to go start cleaning my room since it needs to be done!

Also to my secret Santa, I apologize that you'll be getting your gift after Christmas, sorry!

Until next time,

Run hard, be strong and always think big!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Welcome to the State of Vegetation.

I am now officially on Winter Break and have been for a few days now and I've been in a pretty solid state of vegetation. I always hate to admit when I turn into a vegetable but I'm finding that I can fall back into my life as it was earlier this year without any issue. I plan to spend break refocusing on what's most important and making sure that I keep things similar as to what they would be when I'm in school. The thing that I always find hardest about having breaks from school is the ability to just let life happen, and not be a part of it. I'm doing the best that I can to keep things normal, and I've just let life happen for the past few days, but I'm not going to let that happen anymore.

Tomorrow this all changes, I will be getting back to my regular routine of getting up and going to bed at regular times, as well as making my health and fitness a priority. Since it takes 3 weeks to turn something into a habit, I will be spending the next three weeks making sure that all my fitness turns into a habit because it's frustrating to be stuck in what feels like limbo in terms of feeling like you MUST workout for the day to go well, and that is where I would like to be when I go back to school. So tomorrow I will be up and in the fitness room getting my boot camp workout done, do some yoga to try and help my hurting hips,  take a long walk with Bella and start working on my proposal for the school group that I would like to start.

I have a lot on my plate for the break, but I have more than enough time to get it all done, I just have to use my time wisely, and make the most of my break so that I return to school feeling refreshed and ready to tackle whatever comes my way in the new year.

Until next time,

Run hard, be strong and always think big!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Milestone and Six Months x2.

It's December, which means it's been a little over six months since I began this blog. As I think about this past year, I have begun to believe that this year was one of the hardest and most rewarding I've had in my lifetime, and I can only hope that I am able to reap the benefits of it in the coming year. While I can't help but look forward to next year as a year of many firsts for me, I still have to reflect on the year that is soon to pass.

One of my favorite things about this year is getting Bella. While I gave a bit of a back story on how she came to be in my life. I haven't really gone into detail about why I made the decision to get her, and well I'd like to share that with you all now.

Last fall wasn't an easy time for me by any means. I was finding school horribly difficult and most days I didn't even want to show up to class. Since I hadn't lived completely alone before, it was really beginning to take a toll on me after my previous roommate moved out in June. Towards the end of fall term I was a wreck to say the least and about that time I realized that I really wasn't meant to live alone. I knew that having someone with me all the time wasn't really an option, so I started exploring other options. I'm usually not the first person to cry for help when I know I need it, and thankfully I had some awesome friends around me who could tell that I was struggling, and only one of them really knew how bad it was. I was really beginning to feel like I wasn't ready to live on my own and finally face my demons but didn't want to accept defeat because I knew that I was stronger than that. I had thought living on my own would be great, I'd be able to make my own schedule, do whatever I wanted when I wanted to do it, but nothing had prepared me to deal with all of my demons that were now surfacing. I spent lots of time with a professional who helped me to figure out what I needed the most, and while I had toyed with the idea of getting a pet as a way to help me, my therapist helped me to realize that an animal was a solution that would really do me a lot of good, more than any kind of medication might.

Finally, I began to see a light at the end of the tunnel as the term ended, but the relaxing, and recovering Christmas break that I had hoped for didn't happen, and things felt like they had hit an ultimate low. I felt that I had already made up my mind about getting a dog, but I didn't want to get one without the approval of my family. When I brought up the topic of getting a pet I was met with a nearly immediate "no", without regard to why, or of what use the pet would be for me. I do not hold it against my family for not being on board with this decision right away, but I do wish it had been more of a conversation between us. After talking to my family about the issue, I let it go, telling myself I would revisit the issue when I returned to Tucson. The flight back to Tucson was uneventful and my first night back I hit a place that I had never been to before, quite frankly I was scared for myself and my future. I can remember laying in my bed and crying, telling myself that if I couldn't function with someone always being around me, I wouldn't be able to have a successful future. That night, I knew that it didn't matter if my parents disowned me, I needed to find a companion because I couldn't handle being alone anymore.

The next day I found myself at the shelter using my Christmas money to get Miss Bella. It didn't matter anymore how much trouble I got in with my parents for going against their wishes, or if anyone else told me that I was being stupid. I knew that I needed to make the decision for myself, because I was the only one who knew how hard it was to be me at that point. It took me three months before I told anyone other than close friends about her, and the reactions that I got ranged from being upset with me or being understanding. Deciding to take Bella home was the largest decision that I'd ever made for myself at that point in my life, and she is a decision that I will defend every day for the rest of my life. I know that some people may never understand why she is so important to me, but if you have been to the places I have, you will know. I still have my days where I struggle, but I know that I can look to her and remember just how far I've come in a year. She as well as a few close friends, are things that I will cherish forever for helping me make the decisions that are important, and remind me that while the days may seem long, they always get better.

Okay.... I think I'm done with the sob stories for now.

Now, in the title I said "Six Months x2", and I've already mentioned that it's been about six months since I started blogging, which means it's time for me to mention what the second six months is.

Well, in six months, I will be 21 years old. This is a very large milestone and I will be celebrating not only my 21st birthday, but my 1st blogiversary, and trust me, I've got some BIG things planned for you guys including a huge event that will last 21 days AND have tons of prizes. It'll be a big party and I hope you stick around for that because it'll be a grand time, and there may even be a virtual race to celebrat e the occasion!

Until next time,

Run hard, be strong and always thing big!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Handling the stress.

It's finals around here, which I'm pretty sure you already knew, and today they really got to me and I'm not proud of it. I went to go take photos for my final assignment at a CrossFit gym here in town, and when I got home the apartment was nicely destroyed. Bella had eaten what I believe to be a half loaf of bread, then crapped everywhere, and in a momentary lapse of judgement I immediately called my dad to vent about my roommate. While things may not always be perfect around here, the roommate and I get along pretty well, but today between the rainy weather, finals looming and just being tired, I reacted poorly. After ending the phone call with my dad, I realized that my roommate was home, and felt quite horrible that I didn't speak to her about the issues before telling someone else about them.

I went to a second CrossFit session for photos later today, and when I got home the apartment had been cleaned and I was still feeling awful. The roommate and I were able to talk things out, and I promised that I would talk to her about any other problems. I'm still feeling bad that it happened because that's not the kind of person that I am. I had time to think about my reaction while I was riding the bus today and know that I need to do something to keep my frustration in check during times like this. I could have cleaned up the mess, and sat down to breathe for a bit before reacting, instead of just reacting. However I know I'll still be going to bed tonight feeling disappointed in myself for acting like this because I know better. I can only hope that I react to situations better in the future and actually think about what is going on before just reacting.

Sometimes we do things that disappoint us, wether it be overreacting because you're stressed out about something else, or just acting uncharacteristically, but we have to rectify the situation and move on. Tonight I will do my best to figure out what went wrong, and make a plan to avoid such actions in the future.

Until next time,

Run hard, be strong, and always think big!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Week of Random

This past week has been a little bit of everything including a lot of being busy. My finals are all due this week, so I've spent the weekend working away at being ready to turn everything in this week, and I'm quite excited to be done until January. My reward for surviving the next four days of insanely crazy things, I will be working diligently on some very exciting things for the blog including the launching of a complete redesign near the end of January.

Over the break I will also be working on finishing training for my first half marathon, complete my proposal for a new school group, write a blog post for the school blog, and make preparations to launch this new school group, which I will give details about when I have completed all the details.

It's been a long weekend of working on assignments and I am very much so looking forward to being done with school for a month. For now I'm off to go find some chocolate and relax so I can get a good nights sleep to start the week off on a good note.

Until next time,

Run hard, be strong and always think big!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Hello Las Vegas!

Yesterday was a good first day of December and it makes me look forward to the rest of the month. It was a mostly uneventful day at school, as well as productive and short which was nice for a change. It was raining for most of the afternoon so I was stranded at school for a while, then went home with a classmate. Before heading out of town I stopped at one of my favorite eat spots in Tucson, Sauce. I'm in love with their Caprese Salad which is SUPER delish, so if you're in Tucson and you've never eaten there, well you have to now. Yes you get to see food porn because I love it so much. So much beauty on such a small plate, well I guess it's not that small. This salad was devoured in like ten minutes, and it was just as amazing as I had wanted it to be all week long!

Caprese Salad from Sauce!
After getting to Phoenix I pretty much crashed and woke up really early so that I could make it to Vegas before the race expo opened and boy was I glad I did because I didn't make it out of town until around 7:30am. There was a mandatory stop for coffee and breakfast which ended up in just about the best combination I've ever seen. Why yes, that is a bagel shop right next to a Starbucks. I was in heaven, although my drink from Starbucks took a lot longer than I was used to waiting, and there pretty much was no room to wait, but that's alright because the drink was amazing.

Once I got on the road things got pretty boring, but the scenery was gorgeous and I really enjoyed the drive out even though it was pretty cloudy. The clouds managed to make the drive really beautiful in a way that I wasn't really used to, and rather than spam the like hundred pictures I took during the drive I'll post a few of my favorites.

Clouds near a snow covered mountain.

Lake Mead with snowy mountains in the background.

 Once I got to Vegas, I went straight off to the expo so that I could see the awesome people at the KT Tape booth to try out their new KT TAPE PRO, which is what they were using to tape for the day. I got my knee taped by one of their experts and after having walked around on it all day, I can easily say it's one of few places that doesn't hurt when I move after yesterday's killer workout, but that's still a good thing. Yes I made them use pink tape, it could have been green too, but they grabbed pink first so that's what I got. I only had two rolls of KT Tape original left, so I picked up two rolls of the PRO since it's not sold in stores right now. By the way, it feels awesome to have a product that most people can't get their hands on yet, oh and I was the first purchase of the day so I got to be the guinea pig for the new payment system. It took a bit to figure it out, but once they figured it out, it was cake!

I broke the payment system! Oh nooo!
Travel fitness necessities left to right:
Nike Air Pegasus 28+ in pink, birthday present for the Blonde Ponytail, Headsweats Visor, two old rolls of KT Tape, Lululemon Yoga The Mat in Tree Frog Green, and my stash of Clif Bar snacks to stay healthy!

My work area for the weekend. Who says you can't be productive in Vegas?
Yes I will be drafting at that table.

Tomorrow I will be meeting up with a bunch of bloggers throughout the day, and holy chocolate bananas Batman am I excited. I'm hoping to meet one of them for an early morning run, maybe even down the strip! But before I go I will leave you with a preview photo of the new KT TAPE PRO, which I will be doing a review of along with the original pretty soon.

Until next time, 

Run hard, be strong, and always think big!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

December Goals!

It's the final month of the year and I can't believe how fast this year has gone. I'm very excited to see what 2012 has in store for me, but I still have to wait another month to find out!

1. Find my inner strength - something that I hope to be able to focus on during my break this month.

2. Strength train 3x a week - I want to spend a lot of time working out over break so that I can feel productive rather than veg the break away.

3. Complete every day of boot camp - I want to get in shape before my first race, and I know that boot camp from the firefighter.

4. Log all activities/miles in DailyMile - I love using this as a tracking tool, but I need to use for it to be useful!

5. Write more regularly - I'm beginning to come up with ideas of what I want to post about for the week, but I need to work on following through with those ideas, and just writing the posts out.

6. Try and learn how to french braid my own hair! - I really want to be able to do this myself since this is probably going to be my preferred hair style for racing.

7. Don't let my diet go haywire - with the holidays approaching I really want to keep my diet in check so that I can stay on track with getting fit.

8. Finalize 2012 race schedule - I'd like to finalize my 2012 race schedule since my type-A personality is going a little crazy not knowing what I'm doing.

9. Keep doing yoga! - I know that yoga will help my body do it's job better, so I'm hoping to find some good online yoga to try out.

10. Spend less time online, and more time outdoors - I really really love spending time on the internet, but I know being outdoors is a lot better for me, so I'm hoping to spend more time outside this month!

My hope for December is that I can end the year feeling rejuvenated and ready to tackle the exciting things happening for 2012!

Until next time,

Run hard, be strong, and always think big!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

November Goals Recap

I don't feel very good about recapping my goals from this month but this is supposed to be a pretty candid blog so I'm going to post it anyways. There is always room for improvement and sometimes rebounding from a setback is difficult as I learned this month, and I'm still working at getting back to where I was, which is hard.  

1. Drink 3 liters of water a day - huge success! I drank so much water this month and my body is feeling great!

2. Strength train 3 days a week - didn't get back to strength training at all this month, hoping to jump next month. 

3. Start doing Nike Training Club - did a few NTC workouts over the course of the month, would like to do them more regularly. 

4. Go to the free yoga classes - success! Went to yoga a few times and got my butt handed to me, I hope they continue them into the new year!

5. Eat well - success! With the exception of Ironman Arizona weekend I ate really well over the course of the month. 

6. Post on the blog more consistently - I feel better when I'm posting more regularly on the blog, hoping to get my writing spark back soon!

7. Set bed time/wake up schedule and stick to it! - mostly successful. I'm getting better at keeping the same bed time/wake up time, but it needs more work. 

8. Log all mile or activities on DailyMile - failed. Not doing very well at tracking my fitness, will continue to work on it. 

9. Get back my drive - struggled, and failed. I need to spend some time working on my self over the coming winter break, I know that it will be a good time for me to get rested, re-engerized, and rejuvenated. 

10. FIND MY STRENGTH. - failed. I need to do more work on this in the coming month, and I hope that through meditation, training and just thinking I can get this back.

November was a good month with lots of exciting things happening, but it was also a hard month at other times. I'm looking forward to a better December and celebrating my first Christmas with my lovely pooch. Maybe we will even have our own little tree!

Until next time, 

Run hard, be strong and always think big!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Milestone - I gave blood today.

If you know me fairly well, you may have heard me joking about being an organ donor. It's something that is pretty important to me and was a decision that I didn't need to think much about when I got my driver's permit. A big part of myself is giving, and helping other people, so being an organ donor didn't seem like a big deal to me at all because I figured, well if I'm dead I don't really need my organs, so if I can help someone after I die, I don't see why it's a problem.

Big bus!
Giving blood however, is a completely different story. I've always been uncomfortable about blood coming out of my body through the use of needles. Scrapes, scratches and any other such things and I'm fine, but needles, no way no how. When I saw that the blood drive was coming to school, I didn't hesitate to sign up for the first spot they had open, and I'm pretty sure that was the new me trying to take over. This morning when I got to school I was greeted by the bus, and that's when I started getting nervous. I wasn't sure how the experience was going to go, but I knew that I was doing good.

BlenderBottle and Buble.
I started my day off with a little bit of protein shake, since I wasn't sure what I should eat, so I drank instead, and then got all my stuff ready for school, walked Bella, and watched a bit of the Today Show. Yes of course the shake was drank from a BlenderBottle. :) I have to say Michael Buble is a very handsome man. Also, on a side note, it doesn't feel like Christmas is almost here to me, so I guess that means I should get a tree. Hmmm. Also, don't forget that you can donate toys after Christmas is over too! You can get more bang for your buck if you wait until all the toys are on sale after Christmas, which means you can also make a bigger impact and give more toys.

Once I read through all the pamphlets I got on the bus and did what I guess could be called paperwork. I also got finger pricked which wasn't bad at all, and oddly it wasn't weird to see my own blood come out after being stabbed with a needle. It was strange for me to be in the bus but it wasn't super uncomfortable, and the sun was shining on me through the windows so it felt pretty nice. The nice woman got my arm ready and then it was time to get poked by the needle again so that I could start giving and honestly I was getting a little bit nervous that it would take quite a while. But it wasn't bad at all.

All done! 
Giving blood is something that was pretty high up on my list of fears because I don't like needles and seeing my own blood coming out of my body like that is just weird. But I found it to be quite an enjoyable experience and I'm glad that I decided to do it, regardless of my fear. It may seem like a silly thing to some people, but for me it was something that I wasn't sure I'd be able to get over very easily. Thankfully one good experience can sometimes erase any bad experiences, and that's what happened this time. I've always had issues with needles, most of the time it's when I'm getting shots, and usually I end up crying or almost crying. Yes, I'm very well aware that I am 20 years old, and I just admitted to crying when I get shots. I would also like to note that I filled that bag in four minutes, which I was excited about.

So far I'm feeling fantastic and I think the cookies helped a little bit, and now I'm going to drink tons of water today and relax before class. I also got some pretty cool swag for giving blood today, so yeah, you can totally be jealous. :)

Until next time,

Run hard, be strong, and always think big!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sneezy Sunday

You can blame the title on the fact that Bella just sneezed on my computer screen like six times, YUCK.

Today was a pretty good day over all, I got quite a lot done and I feel good about it. I woke up later than I had hoped, but that's fine because I felt really well rested when I woke. I went for a six mile run today, which was less than I was supposed to, but I wasn't feeling very good. I would like to note that at this second Bella is attempting to death roll on my laptop, gotta love them. My first stop after my run was Sports Authority in search of a jacket I can wear for running since it's a little brisk for my early morning weekday runs, but couldn't find anything that I liked. 

After hitting Sports Authority and not having any luck, I went over to REI, and scored on a pretty light blue jacket that was on sale! I also found out that all the Clif and Luna products they carry were on sale, so I stocked up on gels, blocks and bars to test out. I love the REI down here, it's brand new for the most part and the view out of the second floor is nice! I wore the jacket around the mall once I started getting cold and I LOVE it, no fancy thumb holes but it's perfect for me. After stocking up and scoring big at REI I headed into the mall to see if there were any big deals that I needed to score on, but didn't find anything I couldn't live without.

I did however decide to pop into Lens Crafters and see if they had my contact prescription on file, which they didn't but lucky for me they had an opening in like five minutes, so I said sure why not! About an hour after I went in I got to leave with some new trial contacts and very dilated eyes. I have to say, the eye doctor was impressed I could still use my old contacts, as he put it, they were impressively clean, but torn, ripped and missing pieces. I guess I have skills like that? As I was sitting in the office I noticed that one of my shoes is already starting to have issues, the Nike symbol is coming off! I haven't decided what I'm going to do about it, but I may end up just cutting it off, muahahahaha!

After the eye exam I walked around the mall a little more and then headed home to do some organization. I had the problem of forgetting nutrition when I went to Tempe for Ironman Arizona so I needed to come up with a good storage solution for all of that stuff that didn't involve being stuffed in my closet since things tend to get moved around in there quite a bit. So this is what I came up with, and so far I'm really liking it. I put it on the other end of my nightstand so it's easy to get to and I shouldn't have a problem forgetting my nutrition since it's in a bright orange Nike box! I'm pretty excited to test out the new Clif stuff that I got including the CRUNCH Chocolate Chip granola bars I got since I LOVE the Honey and Oat ones. You can also see that I stuffed my KT Tape in there since it seems to get messed up when it's just sitting out, like it comes apart and such, so I put it in there for safe keeping. The Jocalat Larabar is something that a racer at IMAZ dropped where I was at and the packaging wasn't broken so I grabbed it, I haven't liked the Larabar that I tried before, but I will keep trying them to see if I can find a flavor I like.

I will leave you with what Bella did the entire time I was writing the blog post, which is why I took so darn long. I started at 9:05 and without the whining I could have had it done a lot faster than the 30 minutes it took me. BOOOO. Sorry for the poor quality video, taken from my phone.

Until next time,

Run hard, be strong and always think big!